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December 15, 2013


Donna Bettencourt

Perfect Sweetie that was perfectly said, maybe someone would like to walk in your shoes! Nope, there aren't many who could hold a candle to you!!!


Vanessa Alvarez

Beautifully stated Moriah. Go team Alex!

Sharon Genkin

Well written, Moriah. I am so sorry that two people do not seem to understand that there is nothing preferential about being a parent of a severely disabled child. Just as I am happy to pay extra taxes in order to make sure that hungry children are given food, shelter, clothing and decent educations, i would also gladly wait on line a little longer in order to allow children who have so little access in the rest of their worlds to finally experience moments of pure bliss.

Paola Luna

What I have to say to those people who think we're getting extra: I will happily trade waiting in line for hours with having a disabled child. I would love it if my kid were able to wait in line. (Then I'd punch them in the face, but that's just me.)


@Moriah,as I said on your previous post, I have no doubt that you weren't abusing the system. And while abuse is still possible, it's much, much, less likely to happen, because the incentive provided by the GAC (unlimited Fast Pass and often front of the line access) is lost under the DAS. If having a DAS means you're going to wait as long as not having one, what's the point of lying to get one?

@Sharon, if you didn't mind giving up hours per day of your vacation to additional wait times because so many people were using the GAC,that's fine, we'll just agreed to disagree. My opinion is that my family is there to enjoy the parks as well, and we shouldn't have to wait hours longer to accommodate people who aren't waiting more than 5 or 10 minutes.

The DAS provides a more equal experience for all guests, as a opposed to the GAC, which provided a far superior experience to those guests that had GACs.

If the average guest is able to experience a ride an hour,then the disabled shouldn't be able to do twice that number or more,simply because of their disability, Wish kids excluded.

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